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Total Commander PowerUser v.50.8210 | 308MB
Total Commander PowerUser v50 - a powerful device for system admins and advanced Members area. This is extremely obmyslennaya and stable build, which are well chosen and files of plugins. All this is wonderfully integrated into the skin Total Commander. All programs are optimized in assembly to a minimum size, no garbage files, and logs in the archive assembly weighs ~ 299 Mb, and in expanded form ~ 510 Mb, in this case contains more than 170 portable programs and 70 plug-ins. Optimization for the minimum paid great attention, without her build would last ~ 2.1 Gb. Build collected under Windows Seven. So it all repeatedly tested in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Program List
1by1 - audio player
7-zip - wonderful for the compression ratio file archiver
Accent Office Password Recovery - MS Office password recovery
Advanced IM Password Recovery - Password recovery IM-Client
Advanced Windows Password Recovery - Windows password recovery
AIMP - quality Russian audio player + sound recording from any source
AMI Flash (AFUWin x86 & x64)
Antirun (anti-virus solution to protect the system from the threats of infection from a USB-carriers - the replacement of USB Disk Security)
ASPMonitor - spy software, covert surveillance computer + dispatch report! captures keystrokes, makes screenshots, remembers launching and closing programs, and many others
AVSearch - word search in the files, including doc, xls and archives
AVZ - combat SpyWare, AdWare, Dialer, BackDoor, worms, TrojanSpy, TrojanDownloader, TrojanDropper!
AutoFx (call the editor or viewer in the TC while holding the left mouse button on the file, switch between F3 and F4 on the average book click)
Acronis Disk Director - Work with sections of HDD and Flash (partitioning, formatting, etc.)
Active File Recovery - recovery from FAT12 16 32 NTFS NTFS5, at failures partitioning, imaging, IDE ATA SCSI.
Ad Muncher - rezalka advertising for web-browser + hiding and changing IP (bypass restrictions sharing services, firewalls, etc.)
All-Radio - Browsing through the Internet TV + Radio
AntiDupl - find similar pictures
Archivarius 3000 - the most advanced search for PCs
AutoReg32 - Batch registration *. DLL *. OCX
Autoruns - All that autostart system
Award WinFlash - flashing BIOS
Back2Life - a safe, convenient and quick recovery of deleted data
BadCopyPro - restore data from floppies, HDD, CD, Flash-cards and other carriers
BlindWrite - software for copying CD and DVD "One-in-one, including protected from being overwritten
BlueScreenView - scans the crash dump file and displays information about all the BSOD in the composite table
CLCL - Clipboard Caching
CCleaner - removal of logs, temporary files, etc.
CCProxy - powerful and compact proxy
CDEject - opening its / close tray CD-Roma
CDSlow - control the speed reading CD / DVD-drive
Console - a funutsionalnaya replacement cmd
ConvertXtoDVD - Convert any video into a format compatible with DVD Video + recording on disc
DOSBox - cross-platform emulator ageless operating system
DVD Shrink - compression and cutting DVD-movies
DVDGhost - removes all types of protection DVD: CSS, RPC Region code, RCE, APS, UOPS etc.
Defraggler - handy defragmenter HDD and Flash. Can optionally defragment the files and folders
DirectShow Filter Manager - delete, add codecs
DirectX Update - Updated DirectX Online
Dr.Web - Antivirus + software for auto-update to the office. site, the installation file SpIDer in the folder with the program.
Driver Sweeper - the complete removal of driver
Easy CD-DA Extractor - grabbing AudioCD, convert audio, burn and create AudioCD. Support FLAC
Easy GIF Animator - animation gif-editor (key in the folder)
ERUNT - registry backup, you can automatically every time
EVEREST Ultimate Edition - all about computer
Everything - instantaneous (!) Search
FLV Extract - run, drag. Flv in the window. And in the folder where the. Flv, will appear. Mp3 and. Avi
FileTypesMan -
FineReader - OCR
Flash Defender - flash protection from viruses with the startup
Flying Windows - a set of useful tools. HELP in the folder with the program
foobar2000 - the best in convenience and sound quality of audio player
Foxit PDF Editor - PDF Editor
Foxit Reader - reading pdf-files, alt + F3 will show the file under the cursor
FurMark - stress test and benchmark GPU
Ghost32 - creating, cloning disks, partitions
GoldWave - multifunctional audio editor
GPU-Z - INFA about GPU, Kept BIOS
Grab + + - the capture of streaming media (you can download audio, video from YouTube, RuTube, VKontakte and etc.)
Greenfish Icon Editor Pro - icon editor
greylink - client DC + +, with the cheat functions, is prohibited by many hubs. Can pretend to be another client
Hardware Monitor - temperature of the system components
HDD Scanner - shows the distribution of information on the disk
HDDGURULLFTool - low-level format
HDHacker - preserve and restore MBR nat. CDs, BootSector log. drive or any specified sector drives
HDI - LED read / write hard disk
HFS - creating a computer file http server. The data, which will be accessible from the Internet (access is possible to put a password)
Hamachi - creating a local network via the Internet
ICE Book Reader - reading electronic books, auto, pronunciation, converted into an audiobook
IcoFX - icon editor
Image Uploader - upload images to websites, including those from the Clipboard
Instruments - port scanner, ping, trace, telnet, Whois, FTP, and selection of POP3, RSS, and IRC client, monitor TCP / IP and NetBios resources, timer
Internet Maniac - receipt of registration data about the owners of domain names and IP-addresses and much more
iSendSMS - sending sms and mms via internet
JSCalc (tiny text calculator)
jv16 PowerTools 2009 - Registry cleaning, compression, registry, and much more
KeePass - secure storage of passwords
KeyRemapper - reassign or disable the keyboard buttons, instruction in the program folder
Kremlin Encrypt / Decrypt - encrypt / decrypt a file or folder under the cursor
Kremlin Secdel - remove a file, folder under the cursor can not be recovered
Kremlin Wipe - mashing empty places with zeros for the inability to recover deleted data
LanCalculator - calculation of addresses in the subnet and netmasks
LanSpy - a program designed to gather information on the remote host
MacMakeUp - Change MAC address from NIC
Media Player Classic Home Cinema - Video Player, can be controlled through a Web-based interface to play streaming video, rip audio from video, has a large amount of built-in codecs
Miranda IM - assembly, tending to my requirements, kindly made by the author Miranda IM Lenin Pack
mp3DirectCut - editor of mp3 files. Can cut, copy of the file without decompression, cut the silence, normalize audio, consolidates files
Movavi Video Converter - video convector, cut, watermarks on videos, etc
Multy Password Recovery - Password recovery
MultiArc - extracting packed files (supports a huge number of packers) (scroll to the object)
MyDrivers - save the driver before you reinstall Windows and install them again
NetLook - alternative network environment, LAN scanner, navigation through shared resources and messaging
NetSetMan - the program handles the network settings, which can easily switch between 5 different profiles
NetView - alternative network environment, scanner, terminal, monitor connections, network scanner, ip monitor, scanner resources, net send, tracert
NetVoice - instant messaging and voice communication in the network, conference
NetWorx - the program allows to monitor all your network connections
NetworkIndicator - alternative indekator network activity for Windows 7 in the style of Windows XP \ Vista
NewOCR - OCR, online
Network Configurator - Network configuration
Neutron - time synchronization to atomic clock
NonStopCopy - copying from damaged carriers
Notepad + + - text editor
NtfsLinks - create hard or symbolic links on NTFS-partitions (HELP in the program folder)
OperaAC - Multi modification of one of the best browsers
Orbit Downloader - Download Manager
PageDfrg - defragment registry and swap file at boot
PeToUSB - creation LiveUSB from LiveCD, change the letters flash
PhotoFiltre Studio X-graphics editor
PlanMaker - file editor tables
Pointofix - random screen shots, drawing on the screen, zoom, etc.
POP Peeper - Email client
PowerOff - planner
Process Monitor - monitor treatment to the files and the registry, can filter on a specific prog
ProcessExplorer - running processes and services, system information, you can customize columns and replace the built-in Task Manager, Log Off
Pserv - a tiny utility to manage processes, services, launch drivers, uninstall the application. Windows Event Log
Punto Switcher - automatic switching keyboard layouts + diary (a la keylogger)
Putty - Telnet and SSH client. Help in the folder with the program
QIP Infium - communication protocols via ICQ, Jabber, Mail.Ru Agent, SIP (running in sandbox mode)
QTranslate - translate text using online translators
Quick BFC - convert bat to exe
R-Studio Network Edition - versatile software for data recovery
Radmin - remote control, to control the computer on it should be run r_server.exe (there is a folder with the program)
Ransomhide - fighting Winlock: a collection of codes to unlock, reset Winlogon and networks, the editor of Hosts, cleaning Temp, etc.
RedButton - tweaker for Win XP/Vista/7 + removal components OC and cleaning debris
RegShot - Snapshots registry and compare them with each other
RegWorkshop - multifunction replacement regedit
Restorator - extract resources from the dll, exe, ocx
Revo Uninstaller - more functional replacement of "Add or Remove Programs"
S & M - stress test CPU, PSU and memory
SamInside - a program for hacking
SRVINST-Install / remove the service or driver
Screenshot Reader - random screenshots + recognition of text anywhere on the screen, etc
Skype - Voice over the Internet between computers (VoIP)
SmartSniff - intercept and view TCP / IP-packets transmitted through the network adapters between the client and server machines
Stamp - the creation of seals and stamps
Super PI mod - CPU benchmark
SysTracer - Snapshots registry files and compare them with each other
Tag & Rename - with tags - edit, delete, batch processing, etc.
TCalc - Calculator
TcpView - shows all processes that use local and internet connection
The Calc - Calculator
TeamSpeak - voice chat via LAN or Internet
TeamViewer - to gain access to the management of remote PC from anywhere in the Internet, bypassing firewalls and NAT proxy (on the second computer may also be the program) + presentation, file transfer, chat
Teleport VLX - full or partial download sites from the Internet, while maintaining all the internal structure of directories and files for later viewing offline
TeraCopy - Copy a file with a resume, and reading any c scratched CD DVD (scroll to the object)
TextMaker - Editor document files
TinyPiano - piano keyboard
Tireal TFT Test - Monitor Setup
TrashReg - removal from the registry key defense programs Trial
TrueCrypt - that creates an encrypted container (looks like a normal file mp3, avi, etc.), which can then be connected to a disk and store the information on it
UFS Explorer - to view various file systems, including Linux and MacOs and restore their data
UPX Shell - compress *. exe, *. dll, *. ax, *. ocx, *. com etc without damaging the functionality of files (scroll to the object)
USB Disk Eject - Safely Remove USB Disk
USB Disk Storage Format Tool - formatting the flash drive, including NTFS, bootable flash drive
USDownloader - easy download manager with popular file servers (iFolder, RapidShare, MegaUpload, DepositFiles, etc.)
UVScreenCamera - recording a video file that is displayed on the monitor, the creation of training films, demonstrations, interactive tutorials
UltraISO - understands the 35 image formats, read / write / mount, Ripping, create AudioCD, bootable disks, converting image formats, alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor
Universal Virus Sniffer (uVS) - the fight against unknown viruses / trojans / rootkits. Copes with Winlock
Unlocker / Lock Hunter x64 - rename, delete, move files and folders, the process employed, or have an incorrect name (scroll to the object)
uTorrent - client for network BitTorrent (P2P)
UUDiscsStudio - recording discs, support for multisession, extraction sessions. Record multiple copies of discs. Record AudioCD
Victoria - the test and HDD recovery
VirtualBox - create a virtual computer. You can run on the same computer multiple operating systems (if the path to the prog contains Cyrillic, the prog is in English)
VirtualDub - video capture and processing. Wanted installed codecs
Virus Total Upload - to send a selected file to the site, for checking the 30 th antivirus
VMT - stress test video memory GPU
Volumouse - Sound Control, and others with a mouse
VueScan - program to work with scanners
WinDjView - viewing djvu-files, alt + F3 will show the file under the cursor
Windows Worms Doors Cleaner - closure of potentially dangerous ports
WinHex - HEX-editor
WinRAR - the most functional archive (including the possibility to change the blocked files)
WinRoll - windows
WinSCP - graphical client protocols SFTP and SCP
WinUpack - compress *. exe, *. dll, *. ax, *. ocx, *. com etc without damaging the functionality of files (scroll to the object)
Windows 7 Firewall Control - protects applications from undesirable network activity, controls output applications over the Internet (only works in Vista and Seven)
xnview - viewer / converter / scan 400 image formats, resizing, batch, slideshow, remove red eye, make web gallery
XP Tweaker - Configuring Windows XP + some Vista and Seven
XP-AntiSpy - Off loopholes default XP/2003/Vista
XChat - IRC? Client. Supports parallel operation with multiple servers
Universal Virus Sniffer (uVS) - the fight against unknown viruses / trojans / rootkits. Copes with Winlock. Running close all programs
USB Disk Security - USBGuard, checking removable drives for malicious files in real-time auto and manual
uTorrent - a comfortable rocking chair with a torrent
Windows Universal Anti Product Activation - Activating Windows
Agent DD-Mail - mail agent that controls the flow of letters
Network Activity Indicator
Mobile operators
Batch registration dll, ocx
Ping Servers
Streetlight Internet
Time Synchronization
Removing the lock run exe / bat / cmd, unlock registry, Task Manager and other system tools and settings
Twilight Radio
Tviki registry - a detailed description of + very useful system restore Windows
Is pure calculator
Stirlitz - Decoding Text
... And much more ...

List of unique programs
These programs are modified by the author personally assembly
• Dr.Web - one of the best antivirus programs. What is unique?
This portable scanner antivirus Dr.Web, which after running "magic" file, turns into a full-fledged antivirus with real-time protection and automatic database updates.
• SoftMaker Office 2010 - a great alternative of Microsoft Office. Full portable, keys are not needed, and all this in 24 Mb, from funutsionala did not cut.
• R-STUDIO - versatile software for data recovery. Portable version for 2 Mb
• Movavi Video Converter - video convector, cut, watermarks on video and other Portable variant on the 6.9 Mb
• VirtualBox - create a virtual computer. You can run on the same computer multiple operating systems (if the path to the prog contains Cyrillic, the prog is in English) are fully functional and only 18 Mb
• QIP Infium - communication protocols via ICQ, Jabber, Mail.Ru Agent, SIP, IRC (run in standalone mode, ie uchetka not needed) + spell check.
• FineReader 10 - OCR, portable with Russian, Ukrainian, Greek (for formulas) and English languages. 36Mb
• And others

Small FAQ
• A huge number of files (text, multimedia, graphics, etc.) open on F3, F4, alt + F3
• Many programs are in the drop-down menu "Run"
• On Ctrl + PageDown can go inside most of packed files
• Assembly can be run through the Run \ find programs and files - totalcmd

Changes to v50
[+] Added | [#] change | [-] removed | [^] updated
[+] AMI Flash (AFUWin x86 & x64)
[+] Antirun (anti-virus solution to protect the system from the threats of infection from a USB-carriers - the replacement of USB Disk Security)
[+] AutoFx (call the editor or viewer in the TC while holding the left mouse button on the file, switch between F3 and F4 on the average book click)
[+] Calculator (Text miniature calculator)
[+] Image Uploader (upload images to websites, you can drag an image icon, for example from FS-plugin "Clipboard")
[+] JSCalc (even a tiny text calculator)
[+] MultiArc (replaces Universal Extractor)
[+] POP Peeper (email client)
[+] RBTray (minimize all windows to tray)
[+] Tag & Rename (with tags - edit, delete, batch processing, etc.)
[+] TcpView (shows all processes that use the Internet connection, you can see which port is open and which application uses it, you can break the connection (this functionality is in the Process Monitor, but here it is more convenient))
[+] ToolTips Harvester (copying the text pop-up)
[+] UUDiscsStudio (recording disks, support for multisession, extraction sessions. Recording multiple copies of CDs. Record AudioCD)
[+] New features shortcut keys such as Win + Fx, where x - one of 12 keys, F (such as Win + F5 copies through TeraCopy)
[+] Panel for custom tabs (# - the top left near the File menu)
[+] The converter measures (converted physical quantities)
[+] Script for installing Xvid codec in the system (relevant for Windows XP)
[+] Script for on / off internal associations in TC without restarting the program (changing the state is changing and icon)
[+] Script for reloading, the completion of the user's session and shut down the computer (this is possible at once, and with a given time interval)
[+] Script to create a shortcut on the desktop file under the cursor
[+] Script to remove the registration of all programs
[+] Windows Command Reference
[#] MyDrivers now registered
[#] Process Explorer is now in Russian
[#] Process Monitor is now in Russian
[#] TeraCopy Pro-version now
[#] In assembling some of the files that are duplicated (eg lame and upx) - now they are in an instance. but registration is copied where you want
Platform | Platform: Windows all
Language | Language: Eng, Rus

Link Download nya:

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